Coffee! What comes to your mind, when you hear this word?  Morning… Freshness…… Starbucks?

But I have a surprise for you. It is none of the above. Coffee was my wonderful and pretty kitten and I had named her Coffee. I adopted her from a street, near by my home, when she was two months old. She was very playful and attractive and everybody loved her. We both enjoyed each other’s company. It was December of 2007, one night I suddenly noticed that she was missing from my home. Coffee was always very shy and an introvert kitten.  For me not to see her, just scared me. I started searching for her immediately but couldn’t find her anywhere. My search continued and days flew by. I posted her picture in every possible place.  I searched high and low, far and near, calling her by name. My neighbors and people who saw me around associated me with Coffee. Seven days went by and I was still searching for her all day long and sometimes till mid night. I was feeling down and worn out.  On 8th day, I was going to Tulsa SPCA (Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to report about my missing Coffee. On the way to SPCA, I saw a dead cat run over by car, just near the road. I stopped my car and ran towards the dead cat, hoping it wasn’t my Coffee. But my worst nightmare came true. It was my Coffee, my little darling… It was unimaginable for me. I couldn’t stop sobbing in the middle of the road. I at once, called three of my very close friends. And thankfully, all of them came, leaving their important tasks for the day. With heavy heart, we buried Coffee in my friend’s backyard.

I was upset the whole day and constantly thinking about the good time I spent with her. She was like a fleeting happiness that came into my life and disappeared suddenly. For a change, I went to work and in the evening, on my way back, I saw a glimpse of Coffee disappearing into a sewage pipe near my apartment complex. I thought it was my illusion because I had buried my coffee the same morning with my own hands. But something within me urged me to go and look into the pipe. I did that many times but in vain. I left all my hopes, hardened my heart and continued my life. After 2 days, I saw her again near the same pipe. Seeing the car’s head light, she ran into the pipe. A sudden feeling of hope sparkled inside me. I parked the car in one corner and started calling her…continuously……..She responded timidly, but seemed nervous to get outside the pipe. Before doing anything by myself I called all animal rescue organizations for help. An officer came out to help me but he is unable to do anything since the pipe was too narrow and long (about 20 feet). There was no possibility of me to break the pipe because it belonged to a church and it was too thick and embedded inside the ground.  Still if we had to break we had to wait till Sunday to talk to the church authorities. I was not ready to wait a single more minute. I was not able to even go back to my apartment leaving my Coffee in the pipe. There were predictions of the impending ice storms. I wanted her badly in my arms. The weather became vehement and it started raining and thundering. My friends warned me not to go near the pipe to look for her. But I couldn’t resist myself, I .wanted to give my best to save her. The pipe was filled with water and her cries. I kept calling her name.

I also left some food for her so that she would not strive. But one fine moment, I was still standing there, calling her name. She mustered some courage and began walking towards me. Although she doesn’t like water, she swam through the pipe and reached me. I grabbed (as if never to leave her again) her overflowing with love and tears. I left like a lost dream has become alive again. I took her home with me and all my friends were very happy to see her back.

After that incident my Coffee loved the outside world better than home. She metamorphosed into a brave and fierce cat. She made 2 more attempts to run but I got her back. Finally I decided to let her go to have her own happy life. She is now living in a house in the neighborhood. She comes running to me whenever I go and visit her.

I know you all must be wondering about the other cat which we buried. She was some stray cat who looked and weighed exactly like my coffee and in my intense moments I took her as my Coffee. But I was glad that I gave lot of love and affection to that “duplicate coffee” before putting her to her grave.


Hello friends,

I am Saumya and as you can tell, I love animals. Right from my childhood, I had pets in my home, I grew up with them. I have fond memories of childhood with my pet, a dog “Princy”.  Here in my apartment, I have three more cats other than ‘Coffee’ –you just read. I also volunteer at an animal clinic nearby whenever time permits. I have a dream of having my own shelter where I can rescue every animal in pain and need. I have personally researched a lot about animal care and pedigree.

If you are like me and have any questions regarding your pets I will be glad to help you out. You can reach me at

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