It was a usual fall morning in Kalamazoo, a small city in Michigan. The clouds were dark and the wind was freezing and very soon it was going to snow. The first snow of the season always brought a lot of excitement. My husband and I were new to USA and it was in Kalamazoo where we started our life as a family, so it has a special place in our lives.

This morning, I had to go to a friend’s house to help her. I called her Ruth aunty. She was old and wise, loving and caring for everyone in the community. I had to drive to her house by myself as my husband was out of town for some work. As I was driving, I had to go up-hill on the main road. The road was not very busy and everything around looked calm and beautiful. And in that instance my car suddenly stopped. I tried again and again and it would just not start.

I was dumbfounded for few seconds. It was a sudden shock for me. Next, I realized my car was slipping down. At once I pulled my emergency breaks and I came out of my car. I was totally frantic in that situation. I tried calling few friends but there was no answer. There were a few cars passing by, at that time but I seemed to see no one around me except my car. I was terrified at the thought of dealing with a police and getting a ticket for having my car in the middle of the road.

Just that moment, a big white van stopped, a lady parked her car and came to me. She kindly asked me what happened and she knew my car needed to be moved from the main road. She explained me that she would bring her Van right behind my car and give a gentle push to drag  my car around the corner. I knew no other way. I listened to her instructions and we could park the car on the sideways. It was a great relief; I just said thank you and the lady took off.  The car was in the parking lot of some apartments and I could come back to my home walking as it was very near.

After some time when I was normal, I thought I’ll ring up the lady and thank her heartily, tell her how I felt, how scared I was, how she rescued me, how I would have panicked if nobody would have come. But I realized I did not ask her name nor did I take her address or phone number.

I could never thank her in person, never again did I see her or meet her . We moved out of Kalamazoo in a couple of years and life went on. But yes she was my angel, and I guess, may be angels don’t have names.

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Glory Christian

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