“I am dead scared”, “I am having goose bumps”, are some of the expressions one often hears in various situations. Be it an examination phobia or the fear of facing a new boss or facing an interview or may be the prospect of getting married, there are fears and more fears- any change in the set pattern of life may cause consternation.

I have often seen students losing confidence during examination and panicking. They are so scared that they sometimes have cramps, run a temperature or even have an upset stomach. Same symptoms are seen when one feels nervous before an interview for job. This abnormal fear is sometimes even the cause of nervous breakdown. Those who suffer from such phobia are ultimately the losers. They lose their equilibrium and make a mess of everything.

Nervousness or fear is caused because of our apprehension about the unknown. As the mind apprehends so does it suffer from fear. Fear of ghost or darkness is another example of such cases where a little probing would prove that the fear is baseless and should therefore be overcome. The practice of prayer and meditation are conducive to fearlessness. While one prays, one surrenders oneself to the Almighty and seeks to be relieved of fear. The individual surrenders all ramifications of his fear to the Lord. That induces contentment and fearlessness in him. A fool is subject to hundreds and thousands of fears each day. The lucky believer with the discriminative wisdom is ever free from all such afflictions.

Despite our search for freedom and joy we live a life of slavery. It is the result of various kinds of fears that reside in our minds. Man is always surrounded by one fear or the other. It is fear which is the real weakness of a man’s heart.

It has been observed that often the root of fear lies in some incident causing discomfort during infancy. Fear is generated in the child by scaring him with certain images. Thus the concept of fear comes into his consciousness. It is often the invisible and inexplicable that creates fear.

In order to alleviate general fear the situation generating fear should be reviewed. Analysis of the cause and gathering knowledge about the unknown situation often clears the mist of fear. Inculcating positive thoughts and efficacy will increase self confidence which in turn will free one from the clutches of fear and enable one to face the frightening situation bravely. Sometimes by making oneself busy and by diverting the thoughts one may get rid of the fear that haunts the mind.

Preparedness or bold attitude to face a particular situation is another remedial measure.

The realization that fear can never solve a problem and it is better to face the problem head on defeats the sense of fear. In certain conditions a discussion with a friend or a near one serves as a timely relief from a frightening situation. Friendly counseling often clears the mind of many misconceptions and prepares it to face the truth.

Lastly in acute conditions where a fear acts like a monstrous disease and causes other problems like a permanent phobia medical help can also be taken. Medicines that compose the nerves and make one relaxed can help.

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Jayanti Banerjee


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